On 16 December 1714 (O.S.), George Whitefield was born at the Bell Inn, Southgate Street, Gloucester. This past week, his birthday was commemorated on Twitter with the hashtag #Whitefield300 at the suggestion of Whitefield biographer Thomas Kidd.

I used IFTTT to archive the tweet stream. At first, I was just appending the tweets to an Evernote file. When I set that up, I didn’t know that IFTTT is limited to only 30 updates to Evernote per hour, which obviously didn’t work out too well once the volume picked up on the morning of December 16. Once I realized what was going on, I set up a Google Sheet to collect the tweet stream, and this seems to have been much more reliable.

Below is my attempt to compile some of the resources available on Whitefield, including links to my Google Sheet and Evernote file. If I have missed anything of significance, please drop me a line (email duncan-at-duncanjohnson-dot-ca or tweet \@dtjohnso) and I’ll be glad to update the list.

#Whitefield300 Tweets

The tweet stream includes many Whitefield quotations, as well as links to other resources.


There were three conferences this year commemorating Whitefield. I attended and enjoyed the conference at Southern.

Blog posts

“The Science of Sound: Whitefield’s Massive Crowds,” Accessed January 12, 2014.

Kidd, Thomas. “George Whitefield and Slavery,” June 19, 2014. Accessed June 19, 2014.

The Grand Itinerant: George Whitefield at 300. A digital collection of Whitefield-related materials collected by Princeton Theological Seminary. Includes a number of original documents, including one of Whitefield’s hand-written journals.

Lecture Video & Audio

Trueman, Carl. “George Whitefield: Preacher, Celebrity, Saint”, 2014.

Kidd, Thomas S. “George Whitefield: Lessons from the Eighteenth Century’s Greatest Evangelist.” Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2014.

A four-session conference, “George Whitefield and the Great Awakening” at West Toronto Baptist Church:

Online Journal and Magazine Articles

Clary, Ian. “Pastor-Historian: Arnold Dallimore and the Writing of Whitefield.” The Reformed Theological Review 73, no. 2 (August 2014): 117–132.

Haykin, Michael A. G. “George Whitefield: A Man Of Focus From The Eighteenth Century.” Thrive: The EB Online. Accessed November 24, 2014.

The Southern Baptist Journal of Theology 18, no 2 (Summer 2014) was dedicated to the legacy of Whitefield. Individual articles are linked below:

Credo magazine did an issue titled “George Whitefield at 300.”


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Biographies and Historical Analysis

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[Update Jan 27, 2015: Added link to Baylor ISR conference session videos.]