In Fall 2016, I’ll be teaching Church History Survey at Foundation Baptist College. Come learn about the people, places and dates most important in understanding how the Holy Spirit has been saving, sanctifying and organizing people for the past two millennia.

About the video production

As you might have noticed, I’m still a newbie with video recording and production. Below are just a few notes to myself about the process of putting this video together, and hopefully I can learn from this next time I need to do something in front of a camera.

  • The lighting wasn’t perfect. You can see above that we tried to have some indirect lighting with the lamp and the poster board on a chair. As it turned out, it was really hard to get that close enough to my face to make a significant difference while keeping it out of the camera frame.
  • Despite the lavalier mic and the mixer plugged into my laptop, the volume levels still weren’t right. In the end, I used the audio captured by the camcorder anyway because the lav mic wasn’t recorded loud enough. I’m not sure why that was, but more time spent testing the setup could have made a big difference here. I suspect the fact that we connected the laptop to the “headphone out” port on the mixer might have been part of the problem, but I’m really not sure.
  • I really should have spent another five minutes fiddling with getting the TV (which I used as a teleprompter) right behind the camera. Having it off to the side even just a bit means that I never look at the camera, and that just looks weird.
  • Using the projector screen as an even white backdrop worked out pretty well, although it’s a little on the boring side, I guess.

Well, I still have lots to learn about video production. I’m just glad that I’m done with it for now.