I’ve long been an advocate of Unicode. That’s non-controversial now that all the leading Bible software packages and web browsers support it by default. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, check out my other resources on this.

Here are some of my favorite typefaces that support Greek and Hebrew text for biblical studies:

Western languages (Latin, Greek, Cyrillic)

Semitics (Hebrew, etc.)

  • SBL Hebrew - Free personal use, commercial license available
  • Ezra SIL - open-source licensed under the SIL Open Font License
  • SBL BibLit - Free personal use, commercial license available. Apparently combines SBL Greek and SBL Hebrew, perhaps with some omissions
  • Many more open-source Hebrew typefaces at opensiddur.org

More options

EDIT: Thanks to Joey McCollum for his recommendations. Please contact me (info in page footer) if you know of cool typefaces I’ve missed.